Everyone Loves Art Deco

Everyone Loves Art Deco

It’s been 90 years since the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratif in Paris that gave the world Art Deco, and its appeal has never really gone out of fashion. Characterised by geometry and dazzle (chrome, glass, mirror — not to mention diamonds), it’s also an urban look, celebrated to great effect in many an eye-catching building, such as the Chrysler Building in New York City, with its instantly recognisable ziggurat spire.

The appeal of Deco-style jewellery remains strong, making it a great investment, since the easy-to-wear pieces will serve you year in and year out. Deco arrived around the same time that jewellers began working in platinum, resulting in a particularly crisp, cool effect that says sophistication. How relevant is the Art Deco style today? Dedicated followers of fashion may have spotted that Lanvin accessorised its SS/15 collection with Deco-style pieces created by their in-house designer. In June, a colourful vintage Deco bracelet attributed to Ernst Paltscho sold at a Sotheby’s auction for £75,000. That same month at Christies in New York, a vintage Art Deco diamond, jade and onyx bracelet sold for $32,500 (around £20,658).

As far as we are concerned, Art Deco means glamour — and the bracelet pictured above is nothing if not stylish, designed to adorn the wrist of a Lady Who Lunches rather than a Lady Who Labours — unless, of course, she slips it onto her perfumed wrist after downing tools, to dazzle her admirers during cocktail hour.

Our price of £26,000 reflects its age — circa 1920 — and the roughly 18 carats-worth of diamonds in its platinum setting.

We have other Deco pieces to tempt you, including (below) this platinum set diamond and pearl bow brooch, at £4,200. (About 6.5 cm long.) Why don’t you have a look at our online offerings, or stop by either of our Edinburgh shops to see our full range, and try something on in person?