GOODWINS’ GUIDE: Engagement Rings

GOODWINS’ GUIDE: Engagement Rings



Have you given thought to what kind of ring you would like? Have you seen anything in our window that calls to you? Do you want a classic single stone ring, a three stone ring, or a cluster ring? Do you want a diamond, or have you set your heart on a coloured stone? What is your budget?

These are just some of the basic questions we ask couples when they come to us with the happy news that they’re getting married. (What a privilege it is to be invited to help them choose a ring to symbolise their love, a ring that will be worn daily, for many years, and passed on to their children.)

We are not a chain, so when you buy a ring from us you can be sure that you are getting something unique and distinctive, and a piece of jewellery individually crafted to a high level of quality.

Ideally you should try on as many different rings as possible. Sometimes a ring that looks wonderful in the window doesn’t suit your hand — and vice versa: an unexpected shape or cut might turn out to be highly flattering. On a larger hand, for instance, a single stone might look too small. It might be better to explore the possibilities of a marquise shape, or another arrangement of stones that will fill the space. Our goal is to help you find a ring you love that also suits the shape of your hand, not to sell you the biggest and costliest stone in our shop.

Nevertheless, if a customer falls in love with a ring it is often the case that no other will do. Don’t despair if it doesn’t fit perfectly, for many (though not all) rings can be resized roughly one to three increments up or down. Naturally this is not possible if the stones are set all the way around, as on an eternity band.

Also think about whether you want a diamond, or a coloured diamond or other stone, such as those in the photographs below:

71629 emerald diamond ring 3


One last word of advice for the women reading this: in our experience, men are subject to engagement ring fatigue. By the time you visit the sixth jeweller of the day they’re not paying attention and may no longer be in the mood to buy anything. Our advice is to do the legwork yourself before bringing your partner into the equation. Find three or four rings that you love and would be happy wearing, and take him to see them — and only them.