GOODWINS’ GUIDE: Travelling with Jewellery

GOODWINS’ GUIDE: Travelling with Jewellery


[Photo, Sir Norman Parkinson]

For most of us, holidays are a time for relaxation, when we hop off of the daily treadmill and unwind. But all seasoned travellers know that’s easier said than done if you are worrying about your valuables.

We have some advice for those taking jewellery along on holiday:

Always travel with jewellery in your hand luggage. Don’t pack it in your checked luggage.

Consider insuring high value items. We recommend T H March (, who can offer special travel insurance based on your destination and the items in question.

Only take pieces that you would not be heartbroken to lose.

Think about where you’re visiting. It’s an obvious point, but it stands to reason that you should leave your most valuable items at home when visiting certain parts of the world, or if your holiday plans involve more backpacking than baccarat in Biarritz.

While we do not endorse any specific items, it’s worth considering one of the many specially designed slash-proof, lockable, portable “safes” for carrying valuables while you travel.


(Grace Kelly, travelling in style)

Once upon a time fashionable women had their jewellery copied in paste or synthetic stones. They wore the copies for “everyday”, keeping the real gems locked away. The idea still has merit today. We are the only independent Edinburgh stockists of Carat London jewellery, dealers in high quality synthetics. For example, you could have your engagement ring copied and then if the worst happened, your loss would only be in hundreds, rather than thousands of pounds, and a copy will not have the same sentimental value as a cherished piece.

Keep your jewellery in the hotel’s room safe, but be aware that NOTHING is 100% guaranteed secure except your bank vault back home. If you are not staying in a hotel, but are renting a holiday property, instead, find a really good hiding place — one that you will remember.

If you are really nervous, it is best not to take your jewellery at all. Be sure to hide those family heirlooms you decide to leave at home.

The best way to pack jewellery varies from item to item. We are fans of little leather jewellery boxes that zip up securely and slip into our hand luggage. Some come with wee locks. You might want to put small pieces, or pearls, into individual velvet or silk pouches inside these containers, to keep them from being damaged.

Keep your jewellery in one place so you know where it is at all times. Keep the box with you at all times while you are in transit.

Always maintain an up-to-date jewellery inventory. This should include a snapshot and valuation. Include a detailed description, especially if the item is emotionally valuable. Have jewellery re-valued every 5 years. We offer a valuation service here at Goodwins.