Item of the Week: What is this?

Item of the Week: What is this?

What IS this?!

Well, we do know, but it took some time. At first we guessed that it was a device for administering medicine, since we’ve seen antique silver dishes used for feeding invalids.

But further investigation made us realise that it’s a candle snuffer!

Most of us envisage snuffers as having wee cones that you put on top of the flame to douse it. This is designed to be used from a distance. Say you have a big dining table with candelabra in the middle: you’d blow through this and put the candle out.

It was made in London in 1902 by Mordan & Co,which is a very collectible brand, known for its well-crafted novelty items. The company’s founder filed the first patent for a mechanical pencil. Everything the company produced is unusual and highly desirable.

Solid silver, we’re selling this for £245.