Buying Your Wedding Band

Buying Your Wedding Band


Here at Goodwins, rather than holding a stock of wedding bands, we keep a pattern box. Inside are a range of patterns — every width and finish, in a wealth of sizes — made out of base metal. This allows the couple to try on a number of different rings to determine which is their favourite. Once a decision has been reached, each ring is made to order in your metal (and carat) of choice, i.e.: platinum, white gold, yellow gold, 9ct, 18ct, etc. You can also choose a smooth or matte finish.

The cost of your ring depends on the spot price of gold on the day of sale. We will give you a quote on the day. Each ring takes about two weeks to make. An outsized or unusual ring — say 7mm, in platinum, that will cost in the region of £2,500 in a large man’s size — will take somewhat longer, possibly up to four weeks. So don’t leave choosing a ring to the last minute!

The metal options include: 9ct yellow and white gold; 18t yellow and white gold, and palladium, though that’s not a metal we have much call for. In our experience, we’ve found that men tend to opt for 9ct gold in either colour, whereas women tend to prefer 18ct golds, followed by platinum.

We can help you source a rose gold ring, but that is not a standard order, and as a one off, bespoke piece, it would be somewhat more expensive.

Once a ring is chosen we can add on engraving at the point of manufacture, and if you wish the ring to be cut with beading or another design, we can add that as well, also at the point of manufacture. You can even choose to incorporate two different colours of gold on the same ring, in alternate bands. In other words, this can be a very creative process.


Eternity rings, or bands set with stones are, to our minds, not traditional wedding bands, though they are certainly available through us. We stock vintage eternity bands, and if you tried one on in the shop but wanted something a bit different, we would do our best to source it for you.

You will wear your wedding band every day throughout your marriage. It’s our privilege to help you find the perfect symbol of your commitment.